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Two of the most popular knight builds are the vitality knight (spear knight) and the agility knight (sword knight) .These two builds have sub-variants like the crit-lock agi knight and the power amplifier vit-type knight which are going to be discussed in this section.Agi knights are cheaper to level because they rarely receive damage because of high flee and they attack at lightning -fast speed.

(We can also make a follow-up guide about the sub-variant builds if requests start coming in).

*Note: Builds are based on Swordsman job level 50 and Knight 99/50.

Spear knights usually prefer to use one-handed spears in order to weild shields for additional defense. Mummy cards are essential for knights because a knight’s main targets in Pv P are the low vitality players like hunters, wizards and assassins, which usually have high flee rates.

Stats w/ job bonus: Str – 92 8 Agi – 1 2 Vit – 80 10 Int – 26 Dex – 54 6 Luk – 1 4 Skills: Sword Mastery -2 Two-Hand Sword Mastery – 10 Increase HP Recovery -10 Bash – 10 Provoke – 10 Magnum Break – 5 Endure – 5 Spear Mastery – 10 Pierce – 10 Brandish Spear – 10 Spear Stab – 5 Spear Boomerang – 5 Riding – 1 Cavalier Mastery – 5 This build is the ultimate killing machine for knights.

The SVD knight or the str-vit-dex knight is the basic knight build for the vitality variant.